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Foam Chair 2.0

United Kingdom


This is the second version of the foam chair where I was looking at the connections between materials. I found that the foam created a cushion on the interior of the chair. I wanted to explore that more.

Foam chair 2.0 focuses more on the way the materials bend and morph. Both of which morph to you. I wanted to make this chair during London Design Festival to allow for the chair to be used by the public. 

The chair is made from 0.8mm Aluminium and filled with styrofoam balls, the ones that fill bean bags. The fluid interior allows for the metal to bend. Resulting in a chair that moulds to you when sat on. 


Assembling the chair in the metal fabrication workshop. The chair is riveted together. Creating an ultra durable connection between the pieces of metal.

Finishing the assembly of the chair at LDF. The interior is filled with styrofoam balls.

People interacting with the chair. The denting and bending of the metal can be seen in the photos. Changes were made. Check them out in version 3