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Foam Chair 3.0

United Kingdom


Foam chair 3.0 is the final iteration of the chair. It pulls together everything I learnt from the previous two experimental chairs.

The chair is a more ergonomic version of foam chair 2.0 but this time filled with pre cut styrofoam. The styrofoam is cut under the seat and on the backrest, creating space for the metal to vent into the provided negative space. Over time the users body will morph the chair into a chair that fits them. Creating a piece of furniture that responds to you.


On the left is the chair before it was sat on, and on the right is what the chair would look like after years of use.

Handle on the back side of the chair. Making it easier to move.

Carving the foam that would fit inside the aluminium casing

Process photos of making the handle 

Procecss Drawings